The Moderate Gamer

I\’m confounded by this all-or-nothing attitude toward MMOs. I understand it because I\’ve been there but, sparing myself any Freudian waxing, it doesn\’t make lots of sense. It seems a very juvenile attitude to have, whereby one is either the \”best\” or not there at all. These perpetual worlds can be savored slowly, dropped when the enjoyment fades, and resumed when interest is piqued again.

It\’s not like single-player games where you play through, beat it, enjoy it, play it again when you feel you want to relive the experience (not unlike books). These online games are always growing and changing, there for you when you want to give it another go.

I suppose I just get annoyed when the same people who complain about the game from the outset and devour content like cheap steak decide to make a big fuss about their \”leaving\” a game, only to return in a few months. Who cares.

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