Writing to Avoid Writing

I\’ve been doing a bit more blogging than usual this week on some game-related blogs. First is my buddy Mike\’s Master of Lore blog, in which we talk about the wonderful world of Middle-earth and how it relates to our favorite card game. Second is another blog I\’ve just started, with a name that may sound familiar, for a forthcoming Warhammer 40,000 card game. Freebooter Kommand will be my dumping grounds for any random musings about Orks, Warhammer, and the aforementioned Conquest game. When the inspiration is there, blogging is a fun outlet.

Which is why I\’m going to blog about blogging (so meta).

The hegemonizing swarm that is technology, more specifically social media, can scarcely be avoided. Ten years ago, Patton Oswalt was using blogging, and then micro-blogging (Twitter), as fodder for his culture debasing standup routine. Now he\’s one of the more prolific comedians on Twitter. Like just about everything, good and bad comes with it: there are lots of people sharing lots of good, encouraging information with each other via blogs. It promotes literacy and dialogue in the culture. It also provides a voice for anyone who wants it.

The blogosphere (that\’s not too 2000s, is it?) is a crowded place, but a nice one.

However, I\’m trying to finish the multiple novels I\’ve started one at a time. Writing a cohesive, 1000 word blog post is much much easier than slogging it out in a 50-80,000 word book. Writing about a hobby, in simple, conversational narrative form, is also way easier than trying to complete a long work in a certain style with a sensical plot and interesting, well-developed characters. So the trap I fear of falling into is letting \”easier\” modes of writing, blogging and the like, interfere with the Mission. So far it\’s been a matter of cutting the pie into smaller slices. I\’m still working on the books and blogging. What I\’d like to happen is further refinement of, and adherence to, a schedule that will mean more writing all around, with dedicated times for the various things I wish to write.

I don\’t want to write to avoid writing; I want to do it all.

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