The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It is most certainly that time of year, when we attack our fellow man for not lauding our own holiday traditions. This holy(day) war must end. And with your help it shall!

Please support Epimas. This is a fantastic holiday deal on independently produced roleplaying games. More selfishly, it is the first and only way to get your mits on a preview for The Dig Roleplaying Game well before the proper book is released.

The sassy, martial reindeer below represents the bundle of which I am blessed to be part of. But getting more bundles gets you more games cheaper: $200 worth of games for less than $50, to be exact. Such a steal! The best part is that you share with a friend.

The full site for my little publishing label will be ready to go soon. In the meanwhile, click here for all the available information on The Dig!

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