I stumbled upon a brilliant new game, Quill. In it a single player takes on a character and writes a letter (literally) based upon a scenario. As you write, you apply your characters skills through rolls to assist you in your task. For example, you roll Language skill to determine whether you use an Inferior word or a Superior word. The whole thing is fun and lovely and basically free. You should get it right now.

In any case, I enjoyed my first little trial run as both a writer and a gamesman. I have transcribed it below. For the record, I did really take on the mantle of Letter Writer and hand wrote the thing. That would be illegible here but I\’ve got a picture to prove it!

In this \’game\’ I took on the role of Cancel the poet, writing to Archduke Godfrey to console him on the passing of his sister, an old friend named Mary of Linchester. I underlined those words as were dictated by the game\’s Ink Pot and notated in red when I failed my roll so you have a vague idea of how the game works. Each time points are at stake a number of six-sided dice were rolled and even though the consequences are not as strong as a standard RPG, a similar flash of joy or disappointment accompanied each roll.

The letter was kept short, but I mean to complete the next scenario soon and will spend more time composing my letter and I\’ve already started making supplements.

I hope you enjoy, but mostly I hope you get Quill.

Dearest Godfrey,

I was, and remain, grief-stricken for the passing of your beloved sister, Mary of Linchester. A hiatus remains in my heart hereafter. I will attend her memorial at the famed Cathedral of Light (+2), though it is with great pain

[+1 Penmanship]

My grief stems not only from y our loss, but also from my friendship with sweet Mary. Being schoolmates we oft were abroad together, escorting the other home, tarrying in the heather fields (+1) as children do.

[+0 Penmanship]

We often studied together as well, her cousin along with us. However we found ourselves distracted many times when the autumn came, for the three of us loved climbing tall trees (-1) when the leaves fell. We were often buried in the wide swathes of amber and red.

[+1 Penmanship]

You were a distant monolith, old friend; the elder brother held in lofty regard, away on errantry, riding horses (+0) while we little ones studied and played. But you easily won my consideration and, quietly, I have looked up to your example throughout my years spent traveling and writing.

[+1 Penmanship]

I leave you with simple words, dear Godfrey: peace be upon you in your hour of sorrow. I will serve my grief as ever, with pen in hand. My lament for Mary will fill endless pages. Should I ever complete this work of love it shall be passed along to the kindly young Harold of Whent (+2) to be brought to your lordship directly and, I pray, enjoyed in blessed memory.

Yours always, 

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