Keep On Digging

Well, The Dig is finally out and I couldn\’t be more pleased. It got a little attention yesterday and now the tides of cash begin to flow in. Not really, of course, but that\’s fun to think about it. My hope with the game is to break even, and re-seed that money into art for Homes and other stuff I need for Shoreless to run smoothly.

The funny thing about this whole process is the incessant second-guessing. Did I price it too high? Should I have increased tracking on that one line on page X so that it would look better? Should I have Kickstarted this thing? Should I have written more on the setting?  Shouldn\’t I have made a print version available immediately? Does anybody like me?!

But the goal was not to make a perfect book and for everyone to like me; the goal was to do it. And I have. And I\’m pleased with how it\’s come out. The game will find who it will find and bring them a bit of joy. I\’ve started an imprint with a badass logo that my wife made with a name taken from my favorite poem. I\’ll bring this to cons (like AndoCon! Come see me). Like many journeys it\’s the first step that\’s hardest. All the revising and editing and waiting of the last months has been preparation for that first step and I\’ve done it.

Difficulty comes when I try to make light of that and decide it\’s not worth celebrating because…I don\’t know? It\’s a small little unimportant book? I\’m not sure. I\’d need to saddle up on the therapist\’s couch for that one. Instead I choose to celebrate and enjoy and begin the process of showing off what I\’ve made in the hopes that others will enjoy this silly little game set in a silly little world that I\’ve made.

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