I haven\’t written any poetry in a while, and today seemed like a good day.

Call to me when you\’re still
and haven\’t felt the chill of shame
in a while.
Should you feel too free,
you need only me to comfort you
until freedom comes again.
And when you need reminding
of why you\’ve been hiding away
I can help.
In spite of the understanding
that all my demanding is anything
but reasonable.

Everyone knows that life without me
is too strange, too hard to see
in the distance.

Let\’s abide a while
and make living a trial with each
heavy step.

Right and wrong, free and fair,
there is no hair too thin
to split.

Just remember how good the burden feels!
The weight you can carry seals your place
in history.

Perhaps in time our ways will part,
until then I\’ll play my part and be here
waiting with fetters.

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