An Update

I feel as though I\’m slowly scrabbling out of the ditch of inactivity and back into the saddle of being a Proper Writer. Proper Writers mix their metaphors like finely crafted cocktails. Anyways, I thought it would be Proper to take a moment to share what I\’ve been working on lately, as the blog has been quiet.

I am still plugging away at Shiver World. It\’s mostly done. The book has a few more things to be written; a few more moves need to be playtested; and I need to hammer down enemy stats. That\’s about it. No idea where I\’m going from here, but if you\’re interested in proofing or playtesting, please get in touch. It\’s shaping up to be a cool game, especially with the addition of Night Moves, and, I feel, a fair representation of Ehdrigohr.

More recently, I\’ve felt inspired to make a game about mice in biker gangs. So I\’m working on that and it\’s coming along quite nicely! It\’s going to be a tight, Fate based core book, and I think it\’s prime material for my first Kickstarter. That way I can lock Jacob in his house for a month and pay him to draw mice riding on motorcycles. There\’s not much out there, except I think somebody did a thing about Biker Mice from Mars at one point. But those aren\’t mice.

A proper announcement for Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse (working title) should be happening in a few months!

And finally I felt inspired to start writing stories about a four-piece metal band trying to make it. It\’s coming out mostly dialogue and I\’m imagining it as a set of \”illustrated novels\” (or novellas, as they\’ll be short) as opposed to fully illustrated graphic novels. Imagine Scott Pilgrim but less about his personal life and more about a badass metal band. This project would be far down the road, so I expect to post some of the short stories on here soon as a teaser and to get feedback.

The sequel to Homes is still bubbling and churning, but I\’ve felt no direction or momentum. These days I have to follow the ol\’ muse and it\’s not taking me back to dwarves just yet.

Enjoy some wine this weekend.

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