The Road to Thunder City

Well, my first Kickstarter is live. I started The Dig as a random idea, inspiring me to self-publish. I thought it would be cool to take a dive into game-making using the world I wrote in what would become Homes. It was meant to be a small experiment and I, an unknown creator, saw no need to crowdfund. In a way I wish I had so that I could pay Jacob to make more awesome images of dwarves.

Here we are about two years later and crowdfunding is happening. I feel as though I\’ve built up enough steam within the community to throw my hat into the ring and have a go at this Kickstarter thing. The result will be a beautiful book with lots of original art by the same Jacob. I\’m excited. I\’m no longer nervous; just excited to get this thing out there. I\’m confident that we\’ll fund, but even if we don\’t it\’s still experience points. I intend to have many updates on the campaign page sharing more thoughts on this thing, and I hope to have some cool stuff happen throughout the course of the campaign.

For now, click that pledge button!


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