Things you didn’t know about Trolls

 Work on the HOMES sequel continues more slowly than a drunk dwarf in the dark. I had a wonderful suggestion presented to me by a member of my writers\’ group, as we discussed more and better ways to differentiated the various races inhabiting the world: even if you don\’t use it, write up a list of things unique about trolls. I decided to do it. This is an ongoing list I will add to intermittently.

  1. Trolls are quietly guilty about their carnivorous habits, and the carnivorous habits of their ancestors.
  2. Trolls don\’t see one gender as being over another.
  3. Salt is only a recent addition to the troll diet.
  4. Trolls keep seasonal feasts, but don\’t refer to them as such.
  5. Excepting Traders, no troll has ever seen a horse.
  6. Trolls practice an underdeveloped form of monotheistic animism.
  7. Trolls tend to keep a nuclear family, but often rely on the community to help raise children.
  8. Trolls don\’t farm; they are almost entirely hunters and gatherers, with a bit of gardening chucked into the mix recently.
  9. The only musical instruments trolls use are percussion, mouth harps, and buzzing instruments (such as primitive kazoos).
  10. Your average troll is actually an excellent dancer.
\”A Troll walks into bar…\” This is a draft image from Claudia for The Broken Cask.

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