Teaching is hard

Teachers must strike and inherently strange balance between radical dispassion and infallible commitment. 

Public schools in the United States have unique properties as the intersection of, perhaps, every systemic issue, social construct, class disparity, and personality differential. Each one demands solving. If you are not dispassionate you may feel tempted to solve each of these and you will perish, young and destitute, eating mayonnaise sandwiches out of the trunk of an Acura. However, should you take this radical ambivalence too far then you become part of the problem; you gum up the works, leeching away the time, youth, money, and possibly moisture of society. That’s where commitment comes in. If you are committed to being present, caring for yourself, your students, and your comrades, to teaching the hormone people a thing or two, then you will find yourself firmly wedged and immovable. 

Dispassion means you shan’t allow all the impossible cares thrown in your direction burden you. 

Commitment means that lack of burden will not keep you from doing the job you’re here to do.


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