Many Minis

Backtrack just a bit and you will find my struggle to control my Ork obsession has deep roots. It’s gone on for a good long while, at the very least since Dawn of War first graced the screen but really before that. One does not grow up on a steady diet of comic books and Magic cards without noticing the odd, intimidating, entrancing Warhammer posters at the game shop.

However I’ve kept the actual miniatures part of my Warhammer enjoyment out of the picture…until now. Since about a month ago I have been rapidly collecting and painting my own drunken, filthy Ork mob, largely thanks to the absolute, unmitigated awesomeness of one Mr. Modulork. For reasons that would take another post to explain, I felt free enough to cannonball into this void of nerd credentials and I’m having a ball.

The painting itself is the thing. I’ve dabbled before, painting Mice & Mystics and Journeys in Middle-earth, but going into this with proper paint tools and sculpts that I adore has taken painting from a peripheral distraction I engage in once every other year to a complete and total obsession. It’s as fun as gaming and twice as relaxing, a totally free and open creative space.

Here is just a sample of what I’ve been up to. Expect a full minis gallery as I plunge deeper into the depths of hobby addiction.


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