I Need A New Hobby

Or do I?

I feel it, I really do; this nagging irritation to make something. I just don\’t know what to make.

I\’ve made many things: poems, I\’ve made short stories, songs, web sites, ridiculous images, high video game scores, delicious meals, long drives, plane rides across the seas. But I still want to do something else. I think I\’m truly looking for something that is both satisfying and rewarding but still leaves me wanting more. Computing and games seem to do this but there\’s only so many errors to fix and hours of Team Fortress 2 I can stand. I don\’t think I want to learn any code language – tried Python with minimal interest – and besides, what would I write? What kind of program could I produce?

And that seems to be the ultimate question; what is there to make? I\’ve thought of taking up gadgetry and hobby electronics but would I make? Diodes light up? I\’ve thought of taking up model-making (read \’modelling\’) but what is there to make? Tanks? Ships? Baneblades? I\’ve thought of wargaming but Orks are too expensive and damn well nerdy. I\’ve thought to push my culinary loves further but every time the idea comes in it\’s swept up by a wave of apathy and lethargy.

So I feel stuck. Should I be content to enjoy my games, read more books than I do, and simply rest in doing nothing ala Peter Gibbins? Such is the way of things right now. Any suggestions would be lovely.

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