New Year, More Writing

I stumbled upon my own blog today.

This was especially interesting for four reasons: 1) I forgot I had even started this thing 2) I had only posted once 3) I’ve been reading many blogs lately 4) I want to start writing more with the New Year.

But friends, a blog is a commitment and that can be a scary thing. Do I shackle my literary integrity to the demands of post counts and public setting or remain tied to my own devices and free schedule (resulting in one blog post every two years)? Will this serve as motivation to write more or will it serve as a vehicle for my cranky punk rock attitude to resist any push to change? Will anyone care?

For years (two, probably) I’ve wanted to write more and I’ve wanted to share that writing. I read a lot of crap and I think about a lot of crap mainly revolving around my slight gaming addiction, thrash metal, hockey, fantasy fiction, and food. This crap deserves to be spewed out upon the internet for all to see.

Why not ramble on about my adventures in Middle-earth for the public to see? Why not post that short story I\’ve been sitting on for years? Why not rave about my dormant love for independent games and the oppressive time constraints of full time employment and full time graduate-level education?

It\’s a New Year, friends, and that always means tepid commitments to things you think you should be doing. I think I should be eating meat again, I think I should be on Facebook, I think I should read all of Bourdain‘s books.

I think I should be writing more.


  1. You should definitely maintain this thing. I swore off video games over two months ago, but feel myself being pulled back into rabid fandom because of your total enthusiasm for the medium. It would be awesome to read your thoughts on this, and all of the other interests you mentioned. And as a friend who legitimately enjoyed your fiction writing, it would be nice to see more of that too.


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