Caldari Makes Good

Here is an interesting piece of news! As deep as my ambiguously negative feelings about EVE run, it\’s pretty amazing to see an MMO gamer earn Olympic silver!

It\’s not every day you run across an Olympic Medalist in your favourite MMO, much less gank them and take their stuff. For some EVE Online players, that opportunity may be closer than they think. With the conclusion of the recent Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, it came to light that one of the medal winners is not just an EVE player but also an avid PvP junkie. Casting off the stereotype of MMO gamers as unfit and demotivated, Kjetil Jansrud is a professional alpine skier at the peak of physical fitness. Competing in this year\’s Winter Olympics, the Norwegian EVE player took the silver medal in the Men\’s Giant Slalom event.

Kjetil Jansrud is better known to his friends in \”hirr\” corporation as \”NThraller\”, the Caldari ECM specialist. As part of Morsus Mihi alliance, he takes part in roaming PvP gangs and full-scale territorial warfare. In conjunction with the news of NThraller\’s Olympic win, JumpOnContact has taken an interesting look at the demographics of EVE players and MMO gamers in general. According to CCP, the average age of EVE players is around 27 and most players have some kind of degree-level certificate. The EVE community is made up of everything from high-paid professionals to students but did you ever expect to see \”Olympic Medalist\” added to that list? I know I didn\’t.

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