Mirroring Uncertainty

I kicked some serious poker butt last night. For the first time in a long while, probably in all my live poker career (at least at this tournament I frequent), I got good cards and played them well. People respected my bets and backed down when I was bluffing. I hit big pairs at exactly the right time to call others all-in bets. My flushes panned out. I had Aces at least 5 times. I made new friends. I had fun and I came in second.

Nothing wrong with silver!

It was a huge confidence builder and I mean to play more poker this summer as time will allow me to do so. I watched a video explaining that the appeal of gambling to humans is that it mirrors the uncertainty of life, but condenses it down to a quickly resolved instance. At least that\’s what the psychologists say.

I agree with this.

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