A Rotten Shame

There is a difficulty in keeping a blog, or an media for that matter, and the crux of it all is consistency. I find myself trapped by this repetition in writing, and in many other things, and it\’s a cycle I hope to break very soon. It goes something like this:

  1. Write consistently
  2. Interrupted by life/discouraged by sub-par writing/discouraged by a lack of inspiration
  3. Miss a month (or two)
  4. Continue not to write due to shame of having not written anything/continue not to blog due to shame of not being consistent with the blog
  5. Get inspired
  6. Resolve to write more/better
  7. Return to part 1

A friend of mine convinced me that any writing is better than no writing at all. It\’s one of those things that I believe in but can\’t actualize in my life. There is a laundry list of these things that are not worth going into at present. The most asinine part of it is the shame factor. I am, sadly, a creature wrought with shame at any given hour of the day via any impetus but not writing, or not doing anything for that matter, because I am ashamed of its quality or because I am ashamed that I\’ve not been \”faithful\” to the art/practice is something so beyond foolish that I have not got the skills to express it.

So at this point I would like to say that I am resolved to writing more/better, to putting finger to key and writing, no matter how pointless or silly it is. I\’m not going to say that because that is scary and the kind of pressure that keeps from writing in the first place. All I shall say is that I will write. At some point, for some period of time, at any level quality, I will write.

And hopefully that will push me to write more…

and more…


                …and more…

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