A Busy Day

I left my keys on the desk intentionally. No real reason, I just felt I should leave them there. It was to be an adventurous day, a windy day, windy enough to throw caution into it. So I left home without the keys. I got on the bus and rode downtown. I didn’t look before crossing the street and I didn’t wait for the crossing light to change.

I was only honked at once.

I walked through that seedy neighborhood where Julie was mugged instead of going two blocks up and around to avoid it like I usually do. There were no muggers there today.

I went to the donut shop on the other side of that neighborhood and ate three donuts all by myself. I bummed a cigarette off of one of the bakers and smoked while I did it. I had never smoked a cigarette before. I would later have a candy bar for lunch.

I skipped work without phoning in. I decided to go and see a horror movie instead. That proved to be less adventurous and more foolish because I will probably have nightmares tonight. When my editor called and left a message wondering where I was and what the hell I thought I was doing and how I had better be sick I did not call him back.

I was too busy playing craps behind the cinema to hear the phone ring or check the message until later that day. I won $76 and used some of it to buy the candy bar.

I used the rest to get a tattoo of a heart on my left foot. It didn’t hurt too bad and the heart is really cool. It’s kind of artsy and abstract, something I will hopefully not regret.

At dinner time I had a hotdog on the way to the fine art museum. I spent a total of 15 minutes in the permanent gallery. I only went to touch one of the sculptures that I had always wanted to touch but hadn’t the nerve to do so.

I came back home to write you this note so you would know where I was and know that I am extending my adventurous day into two days. Because I did not have the keys I had to come in through the window. I’ll have it replaced when I return. Hopefully I will get this out of my system and return to normalcy by Thursday. By the time you read this I will most likely be on the train upstate where I mean to get drunk and go skydiving, in that order.

Don’t worry, it will be tandem skydiving and they probably won’t let me do it drunk anyway.


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