They Live

I have been writing a lot more lately. Like a lot. Like just about every morning I write for at least 30 minutes. Where have all those words gone? Into a novel. Gram is finished! Sort of. He is currently under scrutiny and will be punched up more and revised a bit and then, who knows? I\’m just going to try and get that bitch published. With more writing comes more reading (and vice versa) and I\’ve been inspired to keep up with the proverbial Joneses (or Wheatons) and maintain this blog a little bit. It lives!
How this will happen: currently I am hoarding posts in my cheeks like a chipmunk. I will be releasing them, starting in two weeks, on some kind of regular basis. Probably twice monthly. That said, it will be a little weird at first. Some of these entries are very topical and will be dated by the time I release them. That\’s okay. If it\’s a good story, it\’s a good story, even it\’s months late. I am also considering a change in blog name. \”Freebooter\” is a very fun word but it\’s like. \”Kommand\” is staying because it is slightly unique, even if it\’s a reference to an excellent thrash song. 
So there\’s no time like the present to restore this RSS feed! Since Google Reader is on her deathbed, I recommend The Old Reader. Clean and lovely. 
Stick around. Words are coming!

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  1. Welcome back, Mr. Man. I'm working on your novel, but I'm also leaving for Africa in a few days. So you'll get my thoughts, it just may take a little longer than I'd like. I don't need to update my RSS feed. I never dropped you. \”I believe in you, daddy.\” -Roland, the shoveler's son


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