The Last Ship

Freebooter Kommand is now The Last Ship at!

No, it\’s nothing to do with the forthcoming TNT drama. Adam Baldwin is cool, but we\’re not going there. So why the change? I felt that, if I\’m going to commit to this blog and be a little more \’public\’ with it, then a name that doesn\’t belong on the side of an Orkish space station might be more accessible. The name is ambiguous enough to elicit no specific feelings on first glance, but it is significant to me as it\’s the title of an especially beautiful poem by Tolkien. It also kind of suits the \’shipwreck\’ handle I\’ve cultivated over the years.

I\’ve also gone ahead and colonized It\’s appropriate, a little more professional, and is easier to remember than a Blogspot url.

So, with a new name, a new template, a twitterfeed, and a new url will hopefully come new and better words (and, hopefully, a nice looking banner). I\’m pleased with how my writing\’s come along and actually feel comfortable calling myself a \’writer\’, as far as it goes. As long as that just means \’a person who writes with some regularity\’, then all\’s well. Said regularity will shake out to mean at last one post a week, with the expected lulls as time grows short. I\’m feeling a good swell of words coming so I hope to beef up my draft count this summer and store them for the fall. All said, things are looking up and I hope you enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoy producing and sharing it.

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