Wordplay: why you just don\’t get it

WordPlay with Nika HarperHere\’s another short piece of flash fiction as inspired/challenged by the always-good-times Nika Harper and her vlog, Wordplay. The challenge was to write strictly using dialogue. I hope this comes off as funny, because it\’s meant to.
\’It\’s just so offensive!\’
\’Is it?\’
\’Well, yes! Normal folks don\’t do that kind of thing — no, he will not have another round!\’
\’So you\’re my mother now? Well, that\’s real –\’
\’No! I am not your mother! I am trying to be your friend, though clearly you\’re on your way out of this friendship!\’
\’Am I? All I am hearing is some nag trying to talk me out of my dream.\’
\’Some dream! What will Yll`thrxi say? What will the rest of your neighbors think? Just so tasteless…\’
\’Well not everyone feels that way! Times are changing. Opinion\’s shift and quickly! Have you not seen the most recent polls?\’
\’Polls mean nothing these days. Half the time the sample is less that one billion. Stupid misinformationists can\’t even get that part right. You should be going with your gut, anyhow.\’
\’A good career move is never dictated by one\’s gut, darling.\’
\’Positively atrocious. And, \”career move\”? What is that anyway?\’
\’Zz`ulf`yyr thinks it\’s a great idea. Thinks it\’ll be a promotion for me!\’
\’I see. I see. Your \”career\” is so much more important than your ethics, then?\’
\’This could be my ticket out if Zz`ulf`yyr is correct. Get in, get out. That was the plan all along, darling.\’
\’I just didn\’t think you were one of those people. They\’re what\’s wrong with this country. But not my friend Qrl`hstn! No, he\’s better than that. Better than those idiots telling everyone to just go zooming around the galaxy, destroying planets. Well I guess I was wrong!\’
\’…it\’s not like that.\’
\’I think it is. Go ahead and have your next round. It\’s on me. A toast — to Earth! May your end do great things for the career of Qrl`hstn.\’
\’You don\’t have to be so snide…\’

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