Earth as the soundtrack to Everything

earth header

By a recommendation from a friend, I discovered Earth. That interesting, slow, sonorous, drone-western-rock crew that will not go away. I dove full into their recent recordings. This is the music I want to play when I enter a space. These are the tunes I would want on the soundtrack to my life, because I want to feel like The Man With No Name walking into a dirty border town with the whole of its population staring at me, wondering who will be shot down first. NPR Music said that it\’s impossible not think of the desert when listening to Earth, but I disagree.The Great Plains come to mind, wind and rain, the slow plodding of a man with purpose.

It might as well be the theme of the Gunslinger.

Music like this is unique in that it feels like a recorded jam session and yet it is complete. Perhaps it\’s the track length; rarely exceeding 8-10 minutes. Proper jam bands, jazz or otherwise, go on and on and on and unless you really like what they\’re doing it quickly becomes background noise. Earth may only be a few riffs sinewed together, but in that simplicity (birthed by their earlier work, which was strictly drone) a complete package is delivered per song, like a character passing by on-screen. So listen to Earth and make the steps into work, your commute, your very dinner table an epic event.

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