Tornado Busters

The thought of putting a schedule on art is like putting a saddle on a tornado. You’re attempting to tame the un-tamable. Art is wild and free, man! It comes and goes like the wind! But, then again, that’s not entirely true. If the muse comes to prepared souls then it stands to be that scheduling must be a part of that preparation. Art schools do it, even though it’s more school work and less expression. I suppose it’s those writers and artists that treated their work with some amount of professional courtesy that produced and endured.

I didn’t think of this on my own. Like everyone in my generation and younger, I had the spark of a thought, did a Something search, and let the internet fill in the blanks. It’s with that in mind that I am attempting to create a reasonable schedule for my writing time by day. Is that too controlling or is it a nice try at focusing the laser beam? I’m not sure yet. It looks something like this…

Why are spreadsheets the best?

Anyways, it\’s my hope that this kind of thing will help me to hone in on each project that I want to be working on with a degree of care. I won\’t go into my thought process behind it, because there isn\’t really one. It\’s still coming. I did, however, feel like a day of was important. If I feel struck on a Sunday, then I\’m going to write, but I like a break more than the next chap.

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