Starting with the End in mind

I revamped this blog earlier in the summer to put more writing out here on the interwebs and to have a place to direct people if they ever wanted to see my writing. I think that has been accomplished.

What I\’ve realized along the way, though, is that I am not a blogger. For one reason or another, which, ironically, could make a good blog post, I find it hard to keep up with this thing. The main reason is that I want to write books, not blogs. So, I have been writing all this while but I have been writing a book. It\’s about halfway done. I kind of like it and I am hell-bent on seeing it finished. Then I want to write another book. And then I want some books to be published.

\’Want\’ is a great word.

So all of this is to say, effectively, that this blog will become a true periodical again, in that I will be updating it periodically. Because, despite my best efforts, instead of writing a blog and books, I just want to write books. I hope that makes sense.

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